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Quality Vinyl Siding Can Make Your Home Look Very Beautiful

Wood is the standard and is ever-classic, but it too has its negative aspects.

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Should you install vinyl siding on your home? Why doesn't the house in the photo at the top of this article look like a Wright design?. Sure, vinyl siding CAN be recycled, but usually it's not: according to Greenpeace International, Vinyl siding tends to "flatten" the exterior of a home; special molding and trim are obscured, resulting in a one-dimensional look.

One the one hand, the repainting can be a DIY project which can save you money on hiring a professional. On the other hand, it takes time, effort, and more money to still buy the paint. Wood is more durable to extreme weather conditions everywhere, but the cost and maintenance factors make it a more of a hassle for some homeowners. Cost of Wood Siding vs.

Vinyl Siding Vinyl siding in the cheaper choice of the two and is easier to install. Even high-grade vinyl siding that cost as much as wood siding is still cheaper to install since the process is easier and faster. Part of this higher expense is the result of the material itself, but it also has to do with the installation labor as well as the volume of trim and paint required to finish the siding. No matter the cost, the quality, visual appeal, and maintenance requirements are the main factors that go into making the decision to switch from wood to vinyl siding.

Installing vinyl over wood is common practice, especially when a sheathing wrap and an installation layer is installed in between. If, however, you have metal or old vinyl siding , that will need to be removed before new vinyl is installed. Our home improvement professionals will be happy to answer any of your questions and assist in your siding projects.

The Benefits of Vinyl Siding

This is because the options are usually incorporated into the manufacturing of the material. Return to Top In Conclusion Vinyl is a popular choice across the country once again. Knoxville, TN Other proprietary trim pieces, made by manufacturers to fit their own brand of siding, include soffits, rake boards, and crown moldings. The contrast between both the colors and the materials adds subtle interest without overwhelming the property. Mountain lodges and other rural buildings sometimes utilize things like peeled log columns to help them fit in with their surroundings. Vinyl Siding vs.

Facebook Twitter 9 Comments Sophie Sitko on April 24, at pm Do I need to remove wood siding before installing vinyl siding on my house? Wood siding God holes and needs about 30 years old. I have a townhouse with wood siding. Some planks are damaged. Is it possible to replace damaged wood siding with vinyl siding without replacing the whole thing?

But you can find wood siding scraps from contractors who do renovations on older houses. The siding on our house has received a lot of damage from woodpeckers and other pests. I really appreciate your information that while wood siding is classic, vinyl siding is less expensive and is more reliable. With this in mind, we will look for a siding replacement service to install some vinyl siding on our house.

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How Can I Tell If My Vinyl Siding Has Been Installed Correctly?

Cleaning Services Home Improvement Home Maintenance Outdoor Projects How to Spot Fake Reviews Most people nowadays are searching for and purchasing products or services online approximately one-third of us are buying online …. All Rights Reserved. Vinyl can also melt.

More than one homeowner has located the BBQ grill too close to the side of the house and ended up with warped and melted siding yes, that really does happen. Not Fireproof Because it's not fireproof vinyl house siding isn't a good option in locations that are prone to seasonal brush fires and wildfires. The heat generated by close proximity to fire and the combustible nature of vinyl make it a hazardous choice in risky locales. If you're not someone who will be content with your color choice 10 years later, you don't have easy options to change the color.

Seams More Noticeable Than Other Siding Types Seams are visible and while other types of siding have seams, vinyl siding seams can be more noticeable because the pieces overlap, unlike other types of siding like fiber cement and wood that have butt joints. If the siding isn't installed correctly not enough gaps at the end of a course or excessively tight nailing the siding can warp and buckle because it isn't allowed to "move" with the temperature. Risk Of Fading Vinyl siding can fade in sunlight. Now before we condemn vinyl siding for good, understand that paint fades too and that there are standards established to minimize fading and extend the life of your vinyl's color shame on you if you didn't read that above.

The key point here is that if you do get fading over time, it's not as easy to fix as just slapping on a fresh coat of paint. Color Selection Yes, it was mentioned as a "Pro" above but color selection can also be a drawback. There could be 20 or 30 colors in a manufacturer's lineup but what if it's not the exact shade of khaki you're looking for? There are all sorts of neutrals and earth-tone vinyl colors out there but they also might not be the exact shade you want on your house.

That 'slate gray' might have too much blue in it or the 'taupe' color choice might be a bit on the pink side. Cheaper Quality Usually Looks Cheap Lower quality vinyl siding and poor installations can look cheap.

What’s the most popular siding color?

Vinyl might offer a means to cover your house but the adage 'you get what you pay for' applies here. So let's say you understand what vinyl house siding is all about and you're familiar with their high and low points. If you're going to choose vinyl, here's what you should look for. Double Nailing Hem Double hems make the panel more rigid and less prone to sagging and flexing and also offers greater resistance to failure from high winds.

Deeper Lap Profiles Deeper profiles also known as panel projection on lap style siding provide bolder shadow lines offering a more convincing look of real wood. Usually the better the grade of vinyl siding product the deeper the panel projection.

Does New Siding Increase Home Value After Years of Wear and Tear?

Foam Backing This makes the panel more durable, offers some insulating value and can enhance the panel's appearance, particularly in clapboard styling by giving it a flatter, more realistic look. Wind Speed Rating Wind speed rating represents the ability of the vinyl house siding to withstand high winds without blowing off. The higher the rated speed the more effective it is at staying in place at those higher wind velocities.

Longer panels Longer panels at 16, 20 or 25 feet offer fewer seams than typical panels that are about 12 feet long. Installer Experience Look for installers that have plenty of experience with vinyl siding and if possible, the brand of vinyl you want. Get references and research their previous jobs. Vinyl siding colors are probably the next most fretted-over consideration after the style and cost issues. Vinyl siding colors are typically offered in a range of neutrals and tones that are common among house colors. The quantity of colors will differ based on the manufacturer of the siding.

If you prefer earth-tone neutral colors there tends to be a sufficient amount of overlap with regard to vinyl color choices among manufacturers. In that sense you're not locked in to a particular make of vinyl siding. Darker, richer vinyl colors do exist but they're not as plentiful. If you want these kinds of vinyl siding colors, you'll have to shop around for the manufacturers that offer these shades. Beyond color choice the next issue to consider is fading. The effects of sunlight and the environment on vinyl siding colors won't be cured but the technology has come a long way.

According to a Consumer Reports test on vinyl siding the resistance to fading has made great strides. That fact is corroborated by the vinyl house siding manufacturers' warranties against excessive color fade. However the criteria used to evaluate fading is a bit complex, quoted in terms of "Hunter units of delta E. So while it's true that manufacturers warrant against excess fading it's questionable how easy it would be to prove any fading occurred.