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How do I find the IP address of my camera?

If you can access your router, you may be able to simply view the client lists and get information like hostname and MAC address. Or you can use a device connected to the network to ping the network and view the ARP tables.

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Advanced IP Scanner. Reliable and free network scanner to analyse LAN. The program shows all network devices, gives you access to shared folders, provides . Managing IP addresses in the spreadsheet is not fancy. Managing DHCP, DNS , and IP with SolarWinds software is easy. If you are looking to find out all network-connected devices for inventory quickly then this would be.

Done manually in this way, you have to do everything through the command line. This means that if you have multiple subnets on your network, you have to go through each individual router or subnet to determine the IP addresses within the subnet. It becomes pretty clear as your network scales, manually scanning for IP addresses becomes an extremely complex task. Multiple subnets and an ever-changing string of devices connecting to and disconnecting from the network becomes problematic. These tools help you to manage your IP addresses and troubleshoot problems, but they also help you to find all the IP addresses of the devices on your network and determine the status of each one dynamic, static, available, reserved, etc.

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Many also allow you to save your network scanning results and present them in spreadsheets or reports. This is my top choice for network scanning software.


You can easily assign management or control permissions to other admins or admin groups, allowing you to delegate tasks simply within the IPAM rather than needing to use another tool. The console is centralized , allowing you to see all the relevant information in one place, reducing the potential for error.

This is another strong business-level contender for network scanner tools. MyLanViewer is an IP and network scanner, as well as a traceroute tool and network monitor. It uses a buddy-list style window to display all of your network computers, including important technical information about each one. It can scan your network to monitor IPs and let you know when any details change. It also supports remote shutdown and other remote functions for each network computer.

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It can monitor hidden devices on your subnets and discover bottlenecks in your connection with its traceroute tool. And while it's somewhat rare for an individual to need or want your IP address, there are ways for them to get it. In fact, almost anyone that you email could find yours out. A lot of people worry that their IP address might reveal their name, home address, age, what they look at online and more. That's just not the case. Sure, they might find out some interesting information, but nothing revealing.

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You can use a random IP address for the test—even yours. But for this exercise, we'll use If there is a single computer on that account, it's the IP address linked to the computer. If the computer is connected to a router, it's the router's address. The IP Lookup feature isn't linked to an extensive Internet directory.

How to find Unknown IP address of a device.

It's not like the landline phone system, where you could grab a phone directory or call the telephone operator and try to match a name and street address to a telephone number. Talk about a lack of privacy! In the Internet world, there's no such thing—not for an ordinary citizen and not even for law enforcement, without a subpoena.

Here's a List of Best Free IP & Port Scanners of 12222:

When you visit the IP Lookup page and paste an address into the empty box, here's what you'll find out:. The first time you see the IP details—especially your city, ZIP code and the area code of where you live—it can be a bit a surprising.

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The IP details aren't always close. They can be hundreds of miles off, and if the person is using a VPN and a different IP address, the information can be highly inaccurate. But it's important to see what you don't get in the IP details, and never will.

You don't see any real information about the person who is using that assigned IP address, including a street name and address.