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Files may include: Deeds of Trust; Certificates of Sale; Notices of Election and Demand; correspondence; notices of sale; newspaper clipping and publisher affidavit and receipt; registered mail receipts; and undelivered notifications.

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Files may also include: abstracts of title; interest coupons; tax payment receipts; court papers; notes; and Certificates of Redemption. Arranged alphabetically by borrower name. Select Finding Aid link for complete inventory.

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This set of books lists all recorded transfers of title by deed or other document affecting title. They are lists of real property transfers maintained in alphabetical order by the last name of the party transferring the property. The Grantor Index is an alphabetical list by seller grantor while the Grantee Index is an alphabetical list by purchaser grantee. Transfers are not listed in strict alphabetical order, but are placed chronologically in a letter index corresponding to the first letter of the party's last name.

In addition to seller and buyer names, each entry lists the location of the property and the volume and page number where the full text of the deed or other recorded instrument describing the transfer may be found. Historical information gathered on the Ken-Caryl Ranch by descendants of the original owners.

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Photocopies only of manuscripts, photographs, and newspaper and newsletter articles about the ranch and its former land owners. Contents dated from Donated to the Archives by former Commissioner Dave Auburn in Warranty Deed from George B.

Allen to Mary J. Reports and research materials related to the historic Lindsay Ranch located on the former Rocky Flats property in Arvada, Colorado. There was an effort in , supported by County Commissioner Pat Holloway, to determine if the property qualified for National or State Historic Register listing, and if so, to ensure preservation of the ranch after the decommissioning of Rocky Flats.

This collection is a compilation of materials gathered by former archivist Duncan McCollum. Select this link for collection description. Administrative records of the Mountain Area Planning Council.

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The Council's function was to serve as a coordinating structure for organizations and individuals in promoting the orderly planning and development of the mountain area of Jefferson County, consistent with the protection and enhancement of the quality of the environment, for the benefit of the people. In , the Council learned that the Evergreen area was being considered as a venue for the Nordic events of the Winter Olympics. This became a major concern of the Council. Other projects included a possible Planning District for the mountain area, future highway planning, the deterioration of Evergreen Lake, and the annual Clean Up campaign.

In addition, the Council sponsored public meetings concerning future growth patterns for the general Evergreen area and a proposal for Hwy In the s, the Council was involved with a variety of agencies and organizations on such matters as zoning, subdivision regulations, platting requirements, proposed highway locations, pollution standards, telephone rate increases, open space, and public transportation. Graduate Planning Team in their efforts to offer assistance and input into a more comprehensive plan for the mountains of Jefferson County. Property tax appraisal cards for residential and commercial property.

Card may include a description of property and improvements, photograph, footprint drawing with measurements and record of assessed value.

Photographs can also include cabins, barns, and houses and commercial buildings that have since been demolished, moved, or burned down. Arranged numerically by six-digit schedule number. The schedule number for a particular parcel can be obtained online using the Assessor Property Records Search. Books showing ownership of subdivided land Block Books and unsubdivided land Land Books in specific years.

Indicate assessed value of land, assessed value of improvements and schedule number of the owner. The schedule number begins with the first letter of the owner's last name and can be looked up in the Property Assessment Rolls and Tax Lists for the same year to determine name of owner. Indicate name of owner as well as schedule number and assessed value of land and improvements to land. Land Books include maps of each township or section showing the boundaries of unsubdivided parcels of land.

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Land Books indicate name of owner. The book indicates schedule number of the owner and assessed value of land and improvements to land.

Public Trustee's Record of Election and Demand books are arranged by foreclosure number and are indexed. Unprocessed archival collections have not been nicely re-foldered, re-boxed, or labeled, may not be arranged in any discernible order, and do not have finding aids written for them. Services

They are, however, available to researchers unless in rare instances access restrictions have been placed upon them or redaction of sensitive information is required. Please contact Archivist for details regarding specific record series. Information on this page may change frequently. Titles of actual records may differ slightly and date ranges may be approximate. Advance notice is required to view records. Created by Jean Theobald, these files contain her research on the history of the Wide Acres residential area in Jefferson County. Wide Acres was developed in the s by W.

Bell as a country living environment for successful businessmen who worked in Denver and could commute there on the Interurban streetcar.

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Its perimeters were marked with large, stone pillars with green shingled roofs. Collection contains some background research on the area and a file for each house researched. Files for particular houses may include photos, narrative, research notes, title search, landscaping information and biographical information on its residents. Ownership data is frequently updated, and to ensure accuracy the property ownership records are aggregated from multiple sources:.

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Aurora, CO Source: Assessment Roll. See who is behind the LLC. Address or Street.