Phone number to book theory test

Book, change or cancel your theory test appointment

Don't use third party booking services because you could pay up to twice as much for your test as you would if you book directly with official Directgov. Do not apply for your theory test until you are sure you are ready. If you prepare well you have an excellent chance of passing.

Booking with Gov UK guarantees a service that you can trust, and it will always be cheaper than a third party booking service. You should be able to:- Book a theory test Change a theory test booking Cancel a theory test booking, or Check a theory test booking You will not be able to book another theory test on the same day if :- You sat a theory test today and failed; or You had a theory test booked for today but did not attend During the booking process you will need a provisional driving licence number and your valid credit or debit card.

Special Needs and the Theory Test

These changes have been made to help speed up the booking process, which means that you will receive confirmation much quicker than before. By Phone The most popular way to book the theory test is by telephone, using your credit card or debit card.

The person who books the test must be the cardholder. In some cases, this can extend the waiting time before you are able to take the theory test.

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Next, enter your postcode so you can find the test centres near you. From here, a list is provided of the five closest places where you can sit the exam.

The system allows you to tick the boxes of three test centres so you can compare their availability -- enabling you to sit the theory test sooner rather than later. On the next page, you will be shown a calendar for this month and next month.

How to book your driving theory test

Once you have clicked on the best date, you will be shown the morning and afternoon tests that are available. Bear in mind that the typical theory test takes about 60 minutes on average. Upon selecting the time of your test, you will go through to a page detailing all of the choices you have made.

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Although the cost is the same in Northern Ireland, you will need to use a different website to make the booking. The website is different but the procedure is the same 3 Calling Up If You Have Problems An email address is needed when you are applying for a theory test online. You must also have a provisional driving licence.

Book your driving theory test

You can apply for this when you are What must I do before I can sit the theory driving test? Provisional Licence.


The first thing to do is to apply for your provisional driving licence. To do this, you must live in Great Britain and you will have to provide your addresses for the past three years.

You must also meet minimum eyesight requirements which will be checked at the start of your practical driving test. You can apply for a provisional driving licence online www. Identification documents. However you apply, you will have to provide original copies of identification documents e. In this case you can enter the 9-digit passport number online.