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We will soldier on and continue our fight.

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Thanks for the post Dick. These records are still on familysearch.

Unfortunately NJ and NY have gone the total opposite direction. WHAT can possibly be compromised for people born or earlier, or who died or earlier. JMHO this is total nonsense.

No one living can be affected by that information. All of these records are from before the legal blackout period. You will need to be creative. They cover years after the ones you listed. People are specifically targeted. Crooks are not going to bother doing genealogical research to try to locate the living descendants of folks.

There are so many EASY ways for crooks to get what they want, they are NOT going to waste their time doing genealogical research to find things…that would be a lot more work than they have to do. Those who are concerned about familysearch records. They too are blocking records. Countries are hoping after them for violating contracts. Jamaican record have been blocked starting a few days ago.

Birth Indexes

This collection consists of indices of deaths from the state of New York. Details vary, but may include the following information for the deceased: name; death. This collection consists of an index to deaths in the state of New York (excluding deaths recorded in New York City) between the years and

Maine within the last year closed all birth-death-marriage records from through the present. Until then, vital records were available at the Maine Archives up through , with some newer scattered records on microfilm. Fortunately, a number of libraries and historical societies throughout the state purchased those microfilms before the state decided to make them unavailable. The USA-Land of the free? Free of what? This is not only stupid, but a real indrence to research!.

I started my family research back in here in Michigan, Lenawee County to be exact. I can never thank them enough. Now that I live in Adrian, the rules have changed….. Some book you cannot even look at. They are invaluable resources to genealogists. Whomever the officials are who authorized this ought to be drawn and quartered!

As already said but to enforce the thought — Unelected bureaucrats seem to need some sort of self esteem mechanism and thwarting the public thru senseless regulations seems to be the agent. It needs to stop!! The Board of Health is going to lose money for this removal of public records. I used the microfiche at NYPL and after several hours finally located his birth; his surname had been misspelled.

Without access to that index, I would never have found what they failed to find. And again, the death indexes from the years after allowed me to fiind the cert of other relatives, obtain their death certificates from the Health Dept and honor their life at their burial sites. NY State allows you access to death certificates 50 years after the fact.

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It is probably time, especially if ReclaimtheRecords. I was born in Brooklyn and was shocked that I was able to order my own birth certificate online about 15 years ago. As a professionally trained librarian I am shocked that the New York Public Library would withdraw anything from its collection. Not true! Name and email address are required. Your email address will not be published. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Who is Entitled to Each Type of Death Certificate?

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Person Died Outside of New York City

NOTE: All of the indexes are for events reported in the given year. Some events which happened at the end of a year were written up in the registers for the following year. Therefore, when looking for an event, be sure to check the following year also. Once you've found an index entry for an event of interest, write down the date , borough and certificate number.

The county names for the five boroughs of New York City are:. Once you locate the FHLC entry for the correct borough and event type birth, marriage or death , you will see many microfilms listed for each year. Within each year the certificates are arranged numerically by certificate number.

Determine which microfilm contains the certificate number you are interested in, and order that microfilm to view the actual document. The Family History Library has the vital records certificates only up until the above dates births until , and deaths until The Municipal Archives has birth records for , Marriage records for , and death records thru Later Birth and Death records Births since , Deaths since can be obtained from:. New York City marriage records are quite complicated. From until , the Department of Health kept marriage records.

Index to New York State Deaths (Outside of New York City), 1880-1956

Beginning in until the present, the City Clerk's Office kept marriage license records. So there are two sets of marriage records in NYC for the period The data in each record are similar but not always the same. Records for to the present must be obtained from the City Clerk see below. All mail requests must be sent to:. A birth record for people born in the City of Albany can also be ordered over the telephone and charged to a credit card, under the same restrictions mentioned above.

The request can be made by calling our office at Identification must be faxed to our office at , before we can process the request.

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