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Divorce Mediation is an alternative to litigation — it saves you trips to the courthouse to work out your private family business. Divorce and domestic issues can be emotional and difficult. Divorce mediation is a cooperative process that helps people make practical, informed decisions and develop Website provided by Grand Rapids GiveCamp · All Rights Reserved.

With litigation, the entire process becomes more confusing and uncertain. The judge has a brief interaction with you and will not know all of the details that you believe are important in your case.

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Their concern is to find a solution that they believe is reasonable, and in the end, this can leave both sides extremely unhappy. Mediation is really an extremely positive approach to your divorce. There really is no downside.

If mediation is not successful, we can take your case to trial. The opportunity is there for you to find lasting answers to your seemingly impossible problems.

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To talk to us about whether or not mediation is the right approach to take for your specific concerns, please call our office at or send us an email to schedule your free consultation. It is strongly recommended that each party consult with their own attorney, usually between mediation sessions. While mediation may reduce the need for legal services, it is wise to consult with an attorney during the process to stay informed about your legal rights.

What Does Divorce Mediation Cost? Generally, mediation costs less than litigation.

A separate fee is due for intake and for each mediation session. The number and frequency of sessions depend on the complexity of issues to be resolved, the amount of relevant information to be gathered, and the pace with which parties feel comfortable. On average, a divorce mediation requires sessions.

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We also offer Domestic Mediation Services. Click here for more information. If a settlement cannot be reached, we will stand up for you in the courtroom.

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We are ready and able to help you with all aspects of your divorce, including:. We also handle collaborative law collaborative divorce matters, which is divorce through mediation.

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Here, a neutral third-party mediator assists all parties in the negotiation process, and each party retains his or her own legal counsel. This is a good approach for parties who agree on division of assets and are on the same page regarding custody.

This is a confidential process that is often less costly and time consuming than litigation. Contact our firm for more information on collaborative law.

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