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If both parties agree to the divorce and how to divide assets, the proceedings may be resolved relatively quickly once the waiting period is completed. However, if the divorce is contested or children are involved it could be significantly longer until the dissolution is finalized. In the event that you share minor children, you will be required to file a parenting plan, child support worksheet and attend parenting classes mandated by the court.

If you are facing a break up and believe that you are part of a common law marriage recognized within the state of Arizona, you should consult with an experienced attorney. Marriage and divorce can have long lasting repercussions for the rest of your life.

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Confidential or time-sensitive information should not be sent through this form. All rights reserved. Common Law Marriage and Divorce in Arizona. People entering into common law marriage must meet an array of criteria: Both parties must be of sound mind Both must meet legal age requirements, which can vary by state. This can include changing your last name, referring to each other as husband and wife, and opening joint credit cards and banking accounts. Both parties must live together for a set amount of time, determined by the specific state.

This includes: Marriage license An appropriately authorized party to solemnize the marriage The marriage must be solemnized before the license expires. Death and Divorce If two people can become married simply by living together and calling each other husband and wife, can they get divorced simply by breaking up and moving out? Bold labels are required.

Everything you need to know about burial and cremation in Arizona.

Contact Information Name. I have read the disclaimer. Back to Top. Att'y Gen. In Alabama, a coroner is an elected county official, see Ala.

See Stone v. Consolidated Publishing Co.

AS The medical examiner must prepare a report of findings and conclusions to the coroner, to assist in determining whether to order an inquest. The medical examiner's investigative report is privileged and confidential, and not subject to disclosure pursuant to AS The coroner, upon receiving the report of a medical examiner, can either order an inquest, or enter an order dispensing with an inquest and record the death certificate. When it appears, from whatever source, that a death was by suicide or resulted from criminal conduct, the coroner must conduct an inquest by jury unless a grand jury is looking into the death.

The coroner's jury, after a hearing, must give a written verdict, signed and setting out the name of the deceased, when, where and by what means the deceased died, and, if the person died as a result of criminal conduct, who the jury believes is guilty. The statute does not address whether the coroner's inquest is confidential or public, so presumably it is public pursuant to AS See A. In contrast, A. Hamner , Ariz.

A. Autopsy and coroners reports

Autopsy reports prepared by the State Medical Examiner are not considered medical records; however, these records are confidential under Ark. Code Ann. See Ark. If the autopsy report is prepared by someone other than the State Medical Examiner, the crime lab confidentiality statute would not apply. However, medical information remains exempt, except as quoted in the final report. Public, unless compiled by for law enforcement purposes and the prospect of law enforcement is concrete and definite, then, according to one appellate court case, the report may be withheld under the investigatory records exemption of the CPRA.

Superior Court , Cal. Dixon , however, arguably is wrongly decided. See , e. Moreover, earlier courts, before the adoption of the CPRA, had held that autopsy reports are public records. See People v.

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If no statute exists, common law consent to an autopsy as long as the spouse was not living . For example, in Arizona, if the deceased was unattended. The term common law marriage refers to a legally recognized marriage that entering into a Cohabitation or Domestic Partnership Agreement.

Williams , Cal. The Legislature was no doubt aware of these decisions when it enacted the CPRA, and could have expressly exempted coroners' reports from public disclosure, but did not do so.

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See also San Francisco Examiner v. Plummer , 19 Med. The Colorado Supreme Court has held that this section shows the clear intent of the legislature to classify autopsy reports as public records open to inspection. Denver Publ'g Co.

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Dreyfus , Colo. If it is found in an inquest into the death of a person that a crime has been committed on the deceased, and the report names the person who the jury believes committed the crime, the inquest is not to be made public until after the suspect has been arrested. Autopsy reports are not criminal justice records. An autopsy report on a homicide victim may be withheld from public inspection by its custodian only under the procedure in the Open Records Act for denying access based on "substantial injury to the public interest.

Bowerman , P. Denver Post Corp.

In Galvin v. FOIC , Conn.

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Autopsy reports are exempt from the Act as investigatory files and are afforded protection under Delaware's Health Record Privacy Statute. The common law right of privacy does not survive the death of the holder. Lawson v. Meconi , WL Del.


May 27, Autopsy reports are occasionally treated as exempt under open records exemption four relating to investigations. Coroner reports will likely be treated similarly. Under D. This right can be enforced by court order. Although the government may attempt to protect autopsy reports by asserting the privacy, investigatory records or Vital Records Act exemptions, those exemptions do not permit nondisclosure if the Medical Examiner's statute requires disclosure. Director , A. Generally, autopsy reports made by a district examiner are subject to Chapter Public Records Law. See Op.

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